Private Healing Sessions

Distance healing sessions by phone and by Skype (or FaceBook Messenger or FaceTime) support your personal healing empowerment with:

  • Deep healing for body, mind, heart, and soul--as much as you can soak up!
  • Intuitive soul guidance to support your healing process.
  • Channeled messages from Light Beings, Angels, and Ascended Masters.
  • Self-Healing techniques.
  • Energy activations.

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Spiral-Up Coaching

In a series of private sessions, the primary focus is specific to  what you want to create or shift in your life.

  • Receive tools and techniques to support your goals.
  • Receive healing.
  • Gain greater clarity.
  • Improve your manifesting abilities.
  • Empower your soul path.

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Soul Magic VIP Intensive

Gain clarity about your soul magic and the gifts that your soul wants to share with the world. In this 8-hr. intensive, you will:

  • Discover what your soul most want for you right now.
  • Create an inspired plan for accelerated growth and success.
  • Receive energetic tools and technique to align and direct you to soul-empowered success.

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Can't Decide?

Schedule a complimentary Soul Magic Session for guidance . . . .

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