Seashell Shaman Offerings

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Receive 3 Seashell Decks for Healing, Co-Creation, and Soul Empowerment. Includes 3 booklets and a series of recordings about Empowered Seashell Healing, as well as a private one-on-one session to fully activate you to the power of Seashell Healing. Only $297. 


Discover and become activated to the 11 energetic keys to success with healing, manifesting, and co-creating. Includes a 17-minute daily practice to strengthen your energies of success--these techniques are for self-healing and for healing others. This recorded training includes a private activation session with me, all for only $297. LEARN MORE

In-depth private online one-on-one training for healing self and others. Reconnect with and master transformational healing energies and magic brought forth from Lemuria and Atlantis. As you join this sacred spiral dance of creation, your inner shaman gains access to higher dimensions where healing occurs at multiple levels throughout all time. LEARN MORE

12 sessions of one-on-one coaching includes channeled messages and empowerment activations to support your specific goals. LEARN MORE

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