Recorded Home-Study Courses

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View the 4-part video series HERE.

All Can Heal & You Can Too!

​​Healing for Healers--Healing for ALL: a new way to heal yourself and others without ever feeling drained or overwhelmed!!! It's easy . . .

Activating Success:

11 Empowerment Keys

Break through to the success you desire with these 11 self-healing tools that can be used anywhere, any time to support your goals.

From Fear to Joy 

in 3 Easy Steps

Identify and clear the original causes of fear--for yourself and for others . . . Your life will never be the same!

105 Universal Laws 

Made Easy!

Get the User's Manual for Life with this 7-part recorded class series that shines light on the deeper meanings all 105 Universal Laws and provides concise, easy-to-understand summaries for each Law. Includes a 105-card deck.

Empowered Seashell Healing

Spiral Up to a super-fast, deep, and easy way to heal, clear, awaken, and empower yourself and others. Perfect for healers and teachers of all levels and types of healing, and for those who are new to healing.

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