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Private one-on-one training. Complete energetic support for a clear, easy, focused, and enjoyable soul path journey. LEARN MORE

Let go of fear as you learn to fall deep into the Heart of God within, where Grace, Light, Love, Power, and Soul unite as ONE. LEARN MORE

Discover how to clear your blocks to manifesting as you open to the flow of ALLOWING the YES Universe to work through you for your highest good. LEARN MORE

Single sessions help you spiral up, get unstuck, or discover a fresh new direction. Includes healing, soul guidance, and self-healing techniques. LEARN MORE

In-depth private online one-on-one training for healing self and others. Reconnect with and master shamanic transformational healing energies and magic brought forth from Lemuria and Atlantis. As you join this sacred spiral dance of creation, your inner shaman gains access to higher dimensions where healing occurs at multiple levels throughout all time. LEARN MORE

This is the most comprehensive training that I offer. It's all about transformation and transcendence and is designed for people on the evolutionary fast track who are ready to take huge leaps in consciousness, healing, and self-healing. LEARN MORE

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