Have you ever experienced the Heart of All?

It is a place of profound Love, Peace, Joy, and Light.

It is the Truth of All that Is.

You are a part of it and it is part of you.

It is waiting for you to come home.

It can take lifetimes to consciously connect with what lies beyond the veil of normal daily perception. It is possible to get there on your own through an intense, disciplined meditation practice. You can:

  • Become frustrated with traditional forms of meditation that you may have energetically outgrown.
  • Receive initiations and activations from other teachers but remain stuck because you do not know how to consciously incorporate their energies into your daily routine.
  • Feel so bogged down by the density of earth that you have lost touch with the higher spiritual energies you long to reconnect with.

The faster and easier way to deeply expand your consciousness is to receive activations, energy transmissions, and initiations from an experienced practical mystic who can jump-start your experience and show you the way to reconnect at any time you choose.

In just twelve 1-hr. sessions it is possible to break through to new levels of being and heightened states of awareness with just a few simple practices that can easily be incorporated into your regular daily routine in just a few minutes a day, according to your schedule.

With this training you will:

  • Consciously reunite with the eight primary aspects of Soul that make up your Higher Self.
  • Access the higher dimensions that catapult you into higher and deeper states of joyful being.
  • Learn to fully enjoy each step of your enlightenment process--even when it feels like you are being stretched beyond what you think you can handle.
  • Discover how to consciously receive stellar, planetary, and galactic energies to empower you--rather than being tossed about by your astrology (which is what happens to most people!).

Deep inner peace blends with sacred joy as you discover the true power that has always been here, waiting for you to be ready to receive it. Are you ready?

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