Empowered Angel Healing

Do you love angels and want to strengthen your relationship with them?

Do you long to know what it is like to hold the love, light, and healing that they embody?

Would you like a grounded way to bring their healing through in precisely directed ways for yourself and for others, any time, anywhere?

Empowered Angel Healing takes working with angels to a whole new level. Many forms of angel healing actually disempower the healing facilitator in a way that ultimately creates a rift between the earth plane and the celestial plane. This is why, after some time of working with angels, people reach the point that they can no longer experience the Angels as they once did.

In this private training you will establish and maintain a deeper connection with your guardian angel (your soul angel) and with seven Arch Angels who will become your permanent healing team to empower your healing work through the light codes that they carry.

In this four private-session series, you will learn to activate angelic codes of light within yourself as you practice eight specific techniques through which these radiant beings may direct their unique healing energies through you to support rapid transformation at the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of being.

These techniques can be used for self-healing and for healing others. You will learn to embody these Divine Beings and the energies / gifts that they carry to uplift:

Physical Healing 

Emotional Clearing

Personal Empowerment

Inspired Communication

Conscious Manifestation

Supportive Relationships

Clarity of Focus

and more . . .

If you love angels, this training is for you! Go beyond simply asking them for help as you discover first-hand that they need you as much as you need them. Co-creating with angels in this way is a fully embodied experience that connects you through and through with the love and light that you are in ways you never imagined!

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