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Aligning with the Universal Law of Responsibility.

Dear Ones,
I am feeling pulled to return to the 105 Universal Laws. Many of you have expressed appreciation for the work we have done so far on this and have shared the desire to continue further. And the truth is, I miss sharing them with you. So today I went back to my list of Laws and was instantly drawn to The Universal Law of Responsibility.
The Universal Law of Responsibility states that the Oneness of God chose to split off into separate parts in order to give existence to individual souls. We as individual souls then chose to separate further from God by immersing ourselves into the material realm in order to accelerate our soul evolution. We knew that the density of the material realm would push us to grow more rapidly than if we remained in spirit form basking in the Glory of God.
In the process, some of us experienced partial soul loss and so God remains responsible for us until we regain these parts. God demonstrates this responsibility by loving us until we are able to reclaim and consistently embody divine love consciously on our own. 
Reclaiming divine love is a journey of responsibility that involves establishing boundaries and limits as we discover what constitutes true responsibility and what is just a distraction. As we evolve, we come to enjoy supporting others and co-creating with them harmoniously. We learn to respect our own internal values as we cooperate with those around us so that our individual needs are also met. We are careful not to fall into the trap of co-dependent relationships in which we focus too much on the needs and wants of others; instead we remain true to our own values and balance these with the higher good of all.
Pictured above is a Light Language Sacred Geometry Grid to support our stepping up to greater levels of Responsibility. Each colored shape carries a specific energy that supports alignment with this Law. It is not necessary to know Light Language to work with this grid; simply spend some time looking at it and sensing its energy as you contemplate how you would like to express this Law more clearly in your life. May we more consciously embody divine love as we responsibly co-create with other divine souls in a way that uplifts all of us.

2 Comments to Aligning with the Universal Law of Responsibility.:

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Velma on Friday, June 15, 2012 6:43 AM
Hey Zabe, thank you for this wonderful gift. I am sharing the link with some members of my WCA group. xoxox
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Marcia on Friday, June 15, 2012 9:08 AM
Thank you Zabe, you give me clear precise understanding of the Universal laws. This is truly important and I appreciate your wisdom and that you are sharing it with me and the world. Blessings!
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