Zabe Barnes - Tools for Transformation
Spiritual Enhancement Sessions:
Profound Steps for Mastery
     Connect deeply with the Heart of God as you experience spiritual cleansing of core poisons that interfere with your purpose and your path.  
Discover the Next Steps for your Personal Ascension Process. Receive as much as you can take in . . . and more! Telephone and Skype Sessions Available.
May Include the following
as guided by you,
your guides and angels, 
and Divine Grace
Downloads and Attunements
DNA Repatterning
Soul Path Alignment
Manifestation Techniques
Light Grids
Profound Healing
Channeled Messages from Higher Realms
Angelic Support     
Emotional Clearing
Spiritual Magic
Divine Blueprint Restoration
Psychic Opening
Harmonic Recalibration
Connecting with Power Animals
Self-healing Exercises
Shamanic Practices
Empowerment Processes
Infusions of Grace
And more . . .
Contact Zabe to schedule your sessions:
501-318-4560 (c)
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