Zabe Barnes - Tools for Transformation
Healing Sessions:
Connect deeply with the Heart of ALL as you discover the Next Steps for your Soul Path. Receive core clearing, deep healing, and empowering light-code activations at the cellular and DNA levels. Gain clarity, focus, and peace of heart as you spiral up to new ways of being and new levels of success. Receive energetic support for:

Physical Healing

Clearing Addictions

Emotional Centering

Mental Clarity

Spiritual Development

Sessions may include the following as guided by you, your Spirit Guides and Angels, Divine Intervention, and Divine Grace:

Energy Transmissions and Activations
Cellular DNA Re-Patterning
Soul Path Alignment
Channeled Messages / Healing from Higher Realms
Shamanic Healing 
Empowerment Processes

$110 for 30 minutes
$155 for 1 hr.



I don't know what you did but the pain is gone. I had tried everything. That healing thing that you taught me really works. I'm amazed.
                                                                             Amanda B.

You took me really deep. I felt several sets of hands on me even though you were the only person in the room. I saw the angels come in to help. I feel so full of light--it's like I'm floating. I can't even remember the things that were holding me back and causing stress. Thank you!!
                  Allex O.

I had been working on healing that pattern for years and you shifted it in one session. I got more out of one session with you than I did from three years of therapy. 
                              Clark P.

That is the best reading I've had in years. It was more than a reading. I could feel the bones in my head and my spine moving the whole time you were talking to me. I am ready for huge change. I know it is coming.
           Mary R.

My third eye has been buzzing ever since I saw you last week. It feels like it has been stretched open and I am now seeing spirit guides and animal totems everywhere I go.I knew they were there but I could never see them until now. I've been asking for this. You helped me open up to seeing.
                       Kristin S.

My business has improved a great deal since the work we did to shift it. I am actually referring clients to other people because I am so busy. The worry is gone and I have moved to a whole new level. I am so grateful.
           Abby W.

After the soul clearing and soul retrieval that you did, I am seeing everything in a whole new light. Things I used to hate I now enjoy and I am much more clear about what I want and what is in my best interest. I feel lighter and happier, like a totally different person than before. I should have done this years ago. I am so glad that I found you.
                                                                             Julia E.

After talking and working with Zabe, I felt immediate results!  She gives hope that empowers and advice that is applicable to everyday life.  I learned easy and in the minute healing techniques that I am able to use everyday.  I saw major improvements in my relationships and also in my business. I really appreciate the tools that she has given me.
     Anna V.
My best friend had a session with you last weekend. No one has been able to help her create a shift in years--maybe decades. YOU did!
                                                                              Cindy F.