Zabe Barnes - Tools for Transformation
Divine Intervention
Spontaneous Remission
Two-Week Intensive
Healing Mastery
Access Higher Dimensions
where the Impossible Isn’t
and where Miracles are Commonplace
    Divine Intervention has been referred to as the loudest, most specific prayer that calls the forces of nature and heaven together. As Spirit intervenes in a situation through the practitioner acting as a conduit for healing, the laws of a larger physics come into play.
     Students discover how to become greater instruments of Source, raising their vibrations exponentially using specific dimensions and emanations of precise hertz frequency. In this two-week intensive, you will learn to free tumor energies from the body, creating physical plane manifestations and spontaneous remission of dis-ease. 
     This life-transforming class is of the path of mastery as passed down from the sacred tradition of the Mayan Curanderos (shamans) of Mexico. This amazing healing tradition was brought to this country by Divine Intervention lineage holder Starr Fuentes. It is currently practiced in the United States, Europe, Israel, Mexico, Russia, and Brazil.
Exponential Healing
Divine Intervention Spontaneous Remission takes energy healing to the quantum level, allowing practitioners to access specific dimensions where physical plane laws cease to exist. You will learn how to hold space for a split second of heaven to appear in or for someone, thus creating the most intimate connection anyone can have with another being on the planet. Profound healing occurs as the core issue of disease is addressed and transmuted.
A Split Second of Heaven
In this sacred alignment, miracles occur in the blink of an eye. Anything is possible; in fact, it is expected. As you master the gifts of the Holy Spirit, miracles become a way of life, a regular part of your personal practice. Service to others reaches new levels of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual connection. Acts that once seemed magical now become commonplace.
Program Includes:
Accessing Higher Dimensions
Etheric Surgery Techniques
Conscious Connection
Personal Healing Guides
Psychic Surgeons
Soul Retrieval
Breath of God
Blue Star Initiation
Creating a Healing Containment Field
Psychoma Trance Healing
Energy Anatomy
Advanced Clearing Methods
Advanced Energy Balancing
Advanced Distance Healing
Exploration of Core Issues
Original Cause of Dis-ease
Spontaneous Remission
Client Protocol / Ethics
Creating Sacred Space
Universal Laws
Advice for Building a Practice
Ministry Ordination
Magical Surprises
Payment Plans Available
Includes meals and lodging
March 16-29, 2013
Also offered Sept. 6-19, 2013
Contact Zabe for more information:
501-760-1393 (h)
501-318-4560 (c)
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