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Receive individualized support and attention
custom-tailored to your learning / energy style
A variety of healing, co-creation, and manifestation classes are available (scroll down for complete list). With each class you receive insights and healing to support desired shifts in your life as you learn new techniques that empower you to new levels of doing and being. Each class expands your connection to earth and to spirit while empowering your energy field with brighter and more focused light.
Private training is especially effective.
It allows individual learning styles to be supported in a way that nurtures and expands intuitive abilities and confidence in sensing and directing energy. Students are gently guided to discover and embrace their own style of working with energy as they receive valuable feedback about their healing and transformation process. Best of all, it is done in the comfort of your own home at times that best suit your schedule.
As the energies of the planet continue to accelerate, new ways of communicating and spreading light become possible.
We are now able to bring energies across distances
as if we were sitting in the same room.
With online and /or  phone classes, you will learn new techniques and receive personal healing through these transformative trainings from a variety of shamanic and esoteric traditions. Each class allows you to become a clearer and wider conduit for Spirit, flushing away unwanted energies that no longer serve while expanding your ability to hold and share light, energy, and healing with others.
Integration of these powerful energy downloads significantly amplifies your vibration and brings you into new levels of awareness and conscious co-creation as you experience the power of Spirit resonating within, through, and around you.
All classes include sacred "caught" teachings
transmitted energetically from teacher to student
Most offerings include self-healing techniques as well as techniques for healing others.
Multi-Realm “Psychic Surgery”:   Learn to transport unwanted energies, fluid, and matter from the body to other realms where they can be easily transmuted. Discover how to rebuild tissue and vitality for improved health and well-being. Learn to realign bones, organs, and systems for greater ease of movement and functioning. Explore the original causes of disease and learn to shift them emotionally, mentally, behaviorally, and spiritually, as well as physically.  Create powerful vortexes and portals to move energies in and out for accelerated healing. This training represents a heart-centered approach to miracles and is the primary teaching of the All Can Heal Mastery Program. It includes Harmonics, Diagnostics, and Clearing Core Poisons; it also includes follow up/deepening sessions.   Contact Zabe for details.
Clearing Core Poisons:  Discover the three original causes of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual disease. Learn how to clear and replace these energies with three powerful healing keys for greater well-being at all levels. This module is one of the primary teachings of the All Can Heal Mastery Program and is offered in conjunction with Multi-Realm “Psychic Surgery.” For special permission to take this class by itself, contact Zabe.
Harmonics, Music of the Spheres:  Connect with the harmonic resonance of creation and learn to harmonize chakras, organs, body systems, and relationships to their optimal harmonic frequencies. Learn to sense when energies are discordant and when they are in tune as you learn to tune up all aspects of life for yourself and for your clients. It represents one of the primary teachings of the All Can Heal Mastery Program and is offered in conjunction with Multi-Realm “Psychic Surgery.” For special permission to take this class by itself, contact Zabe.
Diagnostics:  Learn to identify where the body has excess energy, where it is depleted, and where it is unbalanced or out of alignment. Receive an easy method for recognizing which active healing energy is called for in any given situation. You don’t have to be a gifted psychic or medical intuitive to develop this skill. It’s easy. This module is one of the primary teachings of the All Can Heal Mastery Program and is offered in conjunction with Multi-Realm “Psychic Surgery.” For special permission to take this class by itself, contact Zabe.
Inter-Dimensional Team Work:  Increase your ability to connect with angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, and power animals. Receive initiations and activations that empower you to work with them more directly for the purposes of healing. $290
Freedom from Past:  Learn an easy way to clear long-term and short-term attachments, cords, vows, and entanglements that drain power and light and keep people stuck. Includes a longer method for deep clearing as well as an in-the-moment technique to quickly shift the ties that bind us. $290
DNA Healing, Magic, and Mastery:  Change what you were born with through this new-paradigm way of working with DNA! Learn how to activate and align 12 DNA strands, turning on empowerment codes and turning off genetic codes that interfere with health and well-being. $470
Cosmic Healing Connection:  Tap into the healing power of the cosmos through a series of planetary, stellar, and galactic initiations that allow you to expand into the microcosm and macrocosm to bring back energies that transform and brighten body, mind, and soul. $290
Mental/Emotional Healing:  Receive key activations and techniques for healing emotional blockages and imbalances. Learn to clear unwanted beliefs and unsupportive behaviors to enhance healing at all levels. $290
Elemental Healing:  Learn to harness the power of the five elements in targeted ways for multi-faceted physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. $290
Crystalline Healing:  Take crystal healing to a whole new level as you learn to harness the initial power that formed the crystalline kingdom. Includes a series of activation attunements that bring the healing power of crystals through your hands and chakras. $290
Universal Keys:  Explore the nature of oneness and the nature of duality as you learn advanced centering techniques to balance polarized energies within body, heart, mind, and soul.  $290
Healing Through Time:  Learn an easy way to heal past and future energies for yourself and for others. Become more aligned with Divine Timing, creating greater synchronicity in all areas of life. The activations received in this module increase one’s ability to heal at the DNA level. $290
Soul Path Guided Healing:  Explore the medicine wheel of the new paradigm as you learn to shift the primary directional energies that allow us to move forward with grace and ease on our soul path. $290
Brilliant Aura:  Learn how to brighten and strengthen the aura as you explore the specific energies associated with the seven subtle bodies and seven main chakra points.  Learn an easy way to strengthen these energies for yourself and for others. $290
Electro-Magnetic Healing:  Reverse the negative effects of electromagnetic energies from electronic devices and solar flares as you learn an easy method for recalibrating the electric and magnetic energies within a person and within a space. $155
Spontaneous Soul Retrieval:  Discover a quick and easy way of calling back lost soul parts, for yourself and for others, for increased energy and a greater sense of wholeness. $220
Original Soul Restoration:  Learn to recognize and clear implants and entities from people and animals without having them pass through you. Become an entity escort service, sending lost souls to the light for spiritual healing. $220
Advanced Healing:  Learn a quick and easy way to raise kundalini for increased life force and more empowered being. Improve your ability to send healing at a distance and learn powerful ways to heal groups of people all at the same time. $290
Advanced Wisdom Teachings:  Receive activation attunements and core teachings that are a must for every healer to use as enhancement in every healing session. These energies add richness and completeness to all healing sessions. $290
Miracles at Hand:Discover twelve empowering mudras (sacred hand positions) that harness the energies of creation to support you in the co-creation of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual goals. They can be used to instantly shift the energy of a given situation. These mudras can be done discreetly so that you are supported throughout the day, no matter where you are or who you are with.  They can also be used in hands-on healing sessions—very powerful. $290
The Parallel Universe Class:
Initiations, Activations, and Attunements:
DNA 1, 2 & 3:  Mayan Lineage Tradition
Light Language:  All Levels available as private training by Skype including MLL Cube and Teacher Training.
Seashell Shaman Certification Training: 
All offerings are also available as group classes.
Contact Zabe for a free consultation
to determine which classes
best suit your goals and your path:
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