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About Zabe

Zabe (rhymes with Bobby) has awakened thousands of spiritual seekers, practitioners, and teachers to new levels of healing and intuitive awareness. She is a master healing teacher, gifted channel, modern-day shaman, and transformation catalyst, as well as a healer’s healer and a teacher’s teacher. Healing methods that she developed are currently used and practiced by spiritual teachers and healing practitioners in nineteen countries. 

Zabe is the creator of the All Can Heal Method for Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul, author of the forthcoming books Soul Path Compass: The Mayan Medicine Wheel and All Can Heal: Keys to Peace of Heart. She is also the creator of The Seashell Healing Deck. A gifted spiritual teacher and healer whose personal journey provides a firm foundation for this comprehensive work, Zabe is adept at clearing, strengthening, and aligning physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies. 

In 1997 Zabe had a life-changing out-of-body experience that occurred spontaneously while she was praying. She was suddenly suspended within the Heart of God where she was given multi-dimensional gifts of healing. She was unable to move or speak for three full days as she was flooded with massive infusions of light, grace, and healing, as well as empowerment activations to embody these energies and share them openly with others. 

Zabe later received intense formal training during a 10-year apprenticeship with a Mayan Elder who taught her to share sacred Mayan lineage teachings and Colombian healing wisdom. Grateful for the traditional foundation and multi-faceted energies Zabe has been given over the years, she has created exciting new ways to share these all-encompassing, life-changing energies with all who are ready for profound change at soul level. 

I felt the room fill with angels. Zabe’s presence brings in an energy that is as safe and loving as the arms of Spirit. When your body, mind and spirit are expanding, when suddenly nothing at all seems to fit and the story of your own life has become too confining for your soul to inhabit, Zabe assists in making the necessary adjustments at every level.
                                                                                    Molly P.

Zabe takes healing to a new level. She takes the complex and makes it easy to understand. Her teaching shines and flows with grace and is spiced with wisdom of many traditions. Being in her classes lets knowledge become wisdom. Zabe is a world class healer and teacher.  
                                                                          Starr Fuentes   

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