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Zabe Barnes is a master healing teacher, gifted channel, modern-day shaman, and transformation catalyst. She is a healer’s healer and a teacher’s teacher who works with clients, students, and teachers worldwide in person, by phone, and by skype. Zabe is the creator of the All Can Heal Sacred Spirals System and author of The Pearlescent Compass: A Practical Guide for Inner Transformation and Soul Path Alignment.  A gifted spiritual teacher and healer whose personal journey provides a firm foundation for this comprehensive work, she is adept at clearing, strengthening, and aligning physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual energies in others.
     In 1997 Zabe experienced a spontaneous three-day out-of-body journey that changed her life and activated the flow of light, healing, and sacred geometry in her and through her. In 2000 she discovered Mayan shamanism and the sacred knowledge that shed light on that experience. She received in-depth shamanic training at a level few students are allowed during a seven-year apprenticeship with Mayan Curandero lineage holder Starr Fuentes. Zabe is a master teacher within this lineage and is continually praised for the graceful simplicity, ease, and power with which she shares these sacred teachings. 
     Zabe draws on the strength that comes from miraculous success in healing herself to facilitate remarkable, empowering transformations for her clients and students. Grateful for having healed and changed so much in her own life, Zabe is passionate about helping others do the same. 
Zabe takes the complex and makes it easy to understand. Her teaching flows with grace and is spiced with wisdom of many traditions. Being in her classes lets knowledge become wisdom.
                                 Starr Fuentes, Master Teacher and Healer
I felt the room fill with angels. Zabe’s presence brings in an energy that is as safe and loving as the arms of Spirit. When your body, mind and spirit are expanding, when suddenly nothing at all seems to fit and the story of your own life has become too confining for your soul to inhabit, Zabe assists in making the necessary adjustments at every level.
                                               Molly P., Rebirthing Facilitator
After talking and working with Zabe, I felt immediate results!  She gives hope that empowers and advise that is applicable to everyday life.  I learned easy and in the minute healing techniques that I am able to use everyday.  I saw major improvements in my relationships and also in my business.   I really appreciate the tools that she has given me.
                                                                               Anna V.
My best friend got a reading from you last weekend. No one has been able to help her create a shift in years-maybe decades. YOU did!
                                                                              Cindy F.
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