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Guide to Knowing Your Soul Magic

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Here we consciously join the Spiral-Up Dance of Creation

where we know, share, and celebrate our precious soul gifts.

With these teachings you will:

Spiral Up to Joy . . .

Spiral Far with Impact . . .

Spiral Deep with Soul . . .

This is a place for spiritual seekers, healing practitioners, and spiritual healing teachers to discover new proven methods for:

  • Self-Healing (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Behavioral, and Spiritual)
  • Fully Loving Yourself and the World Around You
  • Facilitating Healing for Others
  • Deep Inner Knowing
  • Spiritual Empowerment
  • Personal Mastery

Would you like to explore your inner gifts, your soul path, and your next steps?

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I invite you to a 30-minute session by phone or by Skype in which we explore your unique Soul Magic and the next steps of your Soul Path.


Get Clear . . . Get Aligned . . . Get Empowered!

It is time to open up and go deep

to discover the whole truth of who you are:

To know and love your soul gifts . . .

To spark newly inspired purpose . . .

To heal old pain . . .

To live your soul brilliance . . .

Special Invitation!

Two Gifts that Help You Spiral Up to Your Soul Magic . . .

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Soul Path Guide



This concise Guide offers:

  • A clear 8-step process for bringing more Joy into your life.
  • Reconnects you with the Joy of Healing.
  • Illuminates the true nature of your Soul Brilliance.
  • Provide a clear path for your healing journey.
  • Allows you to travel your soul path with Grace and Ease. 

Soul Path Session



Soul Magic Session

By Skype or by phone, we will explore:

  • Your strengths and gifts.
  • Solutions to your challenges.
  • Healing at soul level.
  • The fast-track to reaching your goals.

Sessions generally last approximaely 30 minutes. Click the link below, select an available time. You will receive a questionnaire to fill out before your session so that we can make the most of our time together.

I felt the room fill with angels. Zabe's presence brings in an energy that is as safe and loving as the arms of Spirit. When your body, mind and spirit are expanding, when suddenly nothing at all seems to fit and the story of your life has become too confining for your soul to inhabit, Zabe assists in making the necessary adjustments at every level.

Molly Parkes - Reiki Master Teacher / Rebirthing Facilitator